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Andy Lowe

Andy Lowe

Lowe Corporation Ltd


Andy Lowe is a Director of Lowe Corporation Limited, a family owned business that processes hides, pelts and rendering material. As well as owning tannery, trucking and rendering businesses throughout New Zealand, the company is also involved in farming, property development and investment.

Andy’s passion for the outdoors and conservation, together with his innovation, determination and vision honed in the meat and by-products industry led him to become a developer of special character landscapes, not only that enhanced the environment but also enabled people to live their lives within that environment.

Andy has been the initiator and vision keeper behind the establishment of Cape Sanctuary – 2,500 hectares of land on the Cape Kidnappers Peninsula protected by a 10km long vermin proof fence. This is the largest privately owned/funded mainland wildlife preserve in New Zealand and is now home to the widest variety of native bird species living on mainland coastal New Zealand, co-existing with recreation, beef, sheep, cropping and forestry.

The vision for Cape Sanctuary looks out beyond 50 years to restore the coastal communities of land and sea birds, reptiles and invertebrates that would once have existed on the peninsula and to create an environment where endangered species co-exist with human habitation, food production and recreation.