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Te Hono alumni - Alastair Hulbert


Alastair is the chief global supply officer at Zespri International.

He is also managing director of Boyd's Asparagus in the Waikato. The company is a vertically integrated grower/packer/marketer of asparagus, farming 200ha of land producing approximately 800 MT of asparagus each year.


In addition, Alastair sits on the Board of Directors for New Zealand Water Polo, a sport he is passionate about.

Alastair believes strongly in having the right people in the right place and letting them get on with the job. His role is to guide the business and help empower everyone to do what they do best and building a sustainable business for generations to come.

His previous roles include chief operating officer for the North American branch of global produce company Total Produce Plc, based in California, chief executive of T&G Global from 2013 to 2017, and general manager of international markets for T&G Global, where the ENZA apple business and expansion into Asia was the prime goal.


Alastair also spent 14 years with Delica Global (a T&G Global export subsidiary company) and was a founding shareholder of this company setting up the North American branch.

Alastair began his career at an early age having grown up on an asparagus farm in the Waikato and has been involved in all aspects of the fresh produce chain including growing, packing, retail and export marketing, both in New Zealand and offshore. He has also earned a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University majoring in marketing.

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