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Small influencing big.

Iti-Nui: small and precious actions today, for a better tomorrow


Iti-Nui is a Māori concept coined at the 2014 bootcamp and encompasses the idea of acting both big and small; something small and precious can have an impact on something big, vast and expansive.  


It is a philosophy that is relevant to many stories and levels within the primary sector and in general life – personally, within communities, businesses, organisations and nations. It is a concept that can be applied and harnessed through a variety of ways including relationships, design principles, business participation, innovation and clever communications.


Te Hono alumnus Wayne Mulligan views Iti-Nui as niche action: small and strategic actions that compound. These small (iti) compounding actions enable niche participation in large and complex markets (nui). 


Iti-Nui is the story of New Zealand's primary sector industry


Just like every company within the partnership is different, so are the actions (iti-nui) they are taking. They range from environmental initiatives, entering new export markets, creating higher-value products, expanding product offerings, forming collaborations to share costs and risk, extracting more from the volume they already produce and developing and telling the story of New Zealand louder, and with greater effect.


Since its inception in 2012, Te Hono has ignited 350 Iti-Nui, collectively delivering to its mission of capturing greater value, for the good of New Zealand.


Discover some of the actions of alumni and their companies:

Te Hono stories


Creating Te Hono: Transforming New Zealand's food and fibre 


Kotahi: Standing together as one

Mana Kai Graphic.jpg

Mana Kai: Taking a Te Ao Māori approach to our national food system


Smith & Sheth Wines: Seeking the exceptional 

Clare and Tane Seaweed foraging.jpg

Scion and AgriSea: Designing waste into a resource 

Factory pano Pano.jpg

Miraka: Placing kaitiakitanga at their core.

Bremworth_507_187_Lattice_Weathered Grey_08.jpg

Bremworth: Bold decision making: Lessons in transformation 

Leaft Co-founders_Maury Leyland Penno_Dr John Penno.jpg

Leaft Foods: Transforming food production, in partnership with the planet.


Living Water: Fonterra/DOC partner to improve water quality


LIC: Prosperity and productivity improvement for dairy farmers 


Pāmu: Deer farming innovation creates deer milk opportunities


Precision Seafood Harvesting: Innovation in sustainable fishing


Prolife Foods: Reducing environmental 

impact through war on waste initiative 


Shellfish Production and Technology: Growing the best mussels in the world


T&G Global: Reducing energy consumption through EECA partnership


Sanford: Glory Bay Salmon and nutraceuticals head to US market


Spring Sheep: Taking sheep milk from start-up to fully fledged NZ industry


Che Wilson: How Te Hono got its name and the meaning behind it


NZ Food Basket: Working together to get closer to consumers in China


Poutama Trust: Collaboration key to success for Māori businesses

green shoot - AdobeStock_302017056 - res

Fomana Capital: Low environmental impact, big global impact

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