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What Te Hono does


Te Hono unites senior leaders from across the food and fibre sector to work together to drive the transformation and success of the primary industry to make Aotearoa New Zealand a place where our children and their children want to live, work and thrive.


We do this through bringing our people together, connecting them to each other, to thought leaders from across the globe and to tools that assist them to make the transformation from volume to value.

We are the instigators of change, we shed light on and adopt what’s happening at the fringes. We connect, collaborate and share the journey of capability development and value capture.

Challenging New Zealand's primary sector to think and do better


Our sector is known globally for excelling at what they do, producing some of the best quality food and fibre products in the world. Te Hono takes that exceptional base and challenges our people to think better, do better. We use the knowledge of talented Kiwis as well as inviting outside-in thinking, by connecting our people to the great minds at Stanford University and to business leaders from around the world. 

The cornerstone of connection is the annual Te Hono Bootcamp, held each year at Stanford University, USA. Over 260 sector leaders holding chief executive, board, ministerial or directorship positions have attended, representing 80 per cent of sector leadership. Each year, newly appointed leaders are invited to join the partnership, to ensure they understand the vision their organisation has committed to.


Since the partnership's conception in 2012 we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of thought leaders including Baba Shiv (Stanford University), Larry Keeley (Doblin), Amy Wilkinson (Ingenuity), Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger (All Birds), Tim Brown (IDEO), Condoleezza Rice, David Teece (UC Berkeley), William McDonough (McDonough Innovation), Craig Neville-Manning (Google), Johan Rockstrom (Stockholm Resilience Centre), John Lord (LivWell), Pat Brown (Impossible Foods), Steve Brown (Intel), Ian Wright (Tesla), John O'Loghlen (Alibaba), Zenia Tata (XPRIZE), Andrew Morlet (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and Edie Weiner (The Future Hunters). 


As part of bootcamp, attendees have undertaken site visits and met leadership teams from a range of companies renowned for innovative thinking, community connection and commercial success including IDEO, IBM, Google, PayPal and Plenty. 


Bootcamp is complemented by the annual New Zealand-based Te Hono National Forum and additional opportunities to connect throughout the year, when need demands.

“New Zealand's primary sector has an opportunity to capture more of the annual value it helps create, which is currently estimated at $250 billion NZD, almost six times New Zealand’s export value of $46 billion NZD."
Greg Muir
Te Hono Chair
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