Te Hono Bootcamp

Building connections across New Zealand's food and fibre sector


Te Hono Bootcamp is an annual, intensive programme held at Stanford University, USA. It is the cornerstone programme of the partnership.


Invitations to attend are extended to those who normally hold chief executive or senior governance positions in primary sector companies, Māori agribusiness, educational institutes or government agencies. 

The objective of attendance at bootcamp is to create connections and build trust across the sector, increase leadership capability, connect participants to global thought leaders and radical thinkers (from the Stanford faculty and the business world) and expose them to innovative business concepts.

Focusing the food and fibre sector around a bootcamp theme


Bootcamps are centred around a theme, with past themes focusing on topics such as transformational leadership, understanding value – consumer digital and market innovation, how to accelerate change to build a high value economy, and planning the actions to become a global exemplar. As part of the programme, attendees also visit world-leading companies such as IDEO, IBM, Google and PayPal.


The post-bootcamp objective is that the connections, learnings and enhanced capability are applied and leveraged by attendees, as they lead their organisations in their mission to capture more value.

Delivering results to New Zealand's food and fibre sector


The first Te Hono Bootcamp was held in 2012 and since then over 320 senior leaders have participated and joined the partnership. They have implemented hundreds of value-adding initiatives, collectively demonstrating their commitment to the vision of creating more value for Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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Want to get involved?

If you are a senior leader from a food and fibre sector company, iwi or government agency and want to apply to attend bootcamp, please contact us.



Scholarships are often available to support attendance. If you would like to know more, please contact us