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Who we are

Championing New Zealand's food and fibre sector


Te Hono is a partnership between the leaders of Aotearoa New Zealand’s food and fibre sector companies, iwi, and government agencies. Established in 2011 to realise John Brakenridge’s vision of New Zealand becoming an economic, environmental and social exemplar for the world, Te Hono enables transformational change in the food and fibre industry. The goal – to make our country, Aotearoa New Zealand, the best country for the world.

Capturing more value for New Zealand's primary sector


To achieve this vision, we have set ourselves a mission to capture more value for New Zealand from our primary sector products. We are leading the charge to transform the way the sector operates from being predominantly focused on export volume, under a commodity-based trading model to a value-based model; producing and exporting products of higher consumer value, whilst acknowledging the precious nature of the resources that make this possible. This is the work of every person, company and organisation that makes up the Te Hono partnership.


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Our values


Te Hono means to connect and comes from a broader concept of Hono Tangata, Hono Whenua, Hono ki te ao. The English translation of this meaning is strengthening relationships by linking to the land and connecting to the world. Our actions are guided by this concept - we connect to each other, to our land and to the world in order to create the New Zealand we envision.

Our leadership


Te Hono is governed by a Steering Committee which provides guidance to Te Hono management. Chaired by Olivia Egerton, the Steering Committee includes Te Hono co-founder John Brakenridge, and leaders from within the New Zealand government, the food and fibre sector, and the broader primary sector.

Hono Tangata
Hono Whenua
Hono ki te ao
Strengthening relationships
by linking to the land and connecting to the world.
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Steering Committee

Primary sector partnerships

Te Hono is driving the transformation of the New Zealand primary sector from volume to value. At the heart of this commitment are high calibre organisations that are our proud sponsors and partners - AGMARDT, ASB, KPMG, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. 

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