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Speaker Series: World-class speakers discuss key themes in a webinar format. The next speaker will be announced soon. To be added to our database for news of our next events, please contact us.

Te Hono Speaker Series 

Ben Reid Zoom banner_edited.jpg

Ben Reid: Future technology and foresight at Memia

How AI and exponential technologies are defining the future of New Zealand's economy... and what we can do about it. 


Mary Shelman: Thought leader and former head of Harvard Business School's Agribusiness Program

Charting the path to a sustainable food system.

Sarah Robb O'Hagan headshot (1)_edited.jpg

Sarah Robb O'Hagan: CEO of EXOS

Come back stronger. How to thrive as individuals and teams in a post-pandemic world.


Karl Budge: NZ SailGP Team 

How to dream big, act with purpose and have impact.


Jonathan Waecker: Chief Customer and Sales Officer at The Warehouse

Showing up for your customers when and where they need you.

Rangi Bush Profile image 1_edited.jpg

Rangi Mātāmua: Professor of Mātauranga Māori at Massey University

Matariki - the night sky and what it is telling us. 

mailchimp header_edited.jpg

Florence Van Dyke: Head of Sustainability at NZTE & Kate Bezar: Director at Better Packaging Co.

Practical sustainability. The latest thinking in sustainability and business.

Sam and Maia Profile.png

Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal: Co-Founders/Joint Managing Directors at The Pure Food Co. 

Nourishing the world's seniors: the jump to leave the corporate world and their lessons scaling a purpose-led, innovation-centric organisation.

Mailchimp banner_edited_edited.jpg

Liz Te Amo: CEO at Miro & Wayne Mulligan: CEO at FOMANA Capital Limited 

Māori agri-business in Aotearoa.

Hannah Tucker profile photo square v1_edited.jpg

Hannah Tucker: Founder and Freelancer at Balance Point Ventures

Rise of modern economy.

Genevieve Bell Cropped_edited.jpg

Genevieve Bell: Director of the School of Cybernetics, Australian National University and Senior Fellow, Intel.

How systems work - and why they sometimes don't. 

Gilbert Enoka - Copy_edited.jpg

Gilbert Enoka: All Blacks Manager 


Jennifer Aaker photo square.jpeg

Jennifer Aaker: General Atlantic Professor and Coulter Family Fellow 2021-2, Stanford Graduate School of Business 

Harnessing humour to lead.

Margaret A Neale Photo 400x400px_edited.jpg

Margaret A. Neale: Adams distinguished Professor of Management, Emerita and Stanford Graduate School of Business 

Getting more of what you want.


Justin Ferrell: Strategic Partnerships, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design Stanford (

Designing futures: Driving innovation in a changing world.

Alexey Rostapshov Profile Photo_edited.jpg

Alexey Rostapshov: Head of John Deere Labs & Sustainability 

Lessons learnt building start-ups, moving from physical products to data-centric services, digital transformation in action, and his thoughts as to the opportunity for New Zealand in the future ag landscape.

Deborah Gruenfeld profile photo_edited.jpg

Deb Gruenfeld: The Joseph McDonald Professor and Professor of Organisational Behaviour Graduate School of Business

Acting with power.

Matt Rothe - zoom profile pic_edited.jpg

Matt Rothe: Co-Founder of Blue Ocean Barns

You're probably solving the wrong problem. 

Lorna Davis edited profile photo_edited.jpg

Lorna Davis: Business Leader, Former CEO and Chair of Danone Wave, Global Ambassador B-Lab

How business & human nature are the same.


Larry Keeley: Design and Innovation Expert, Co-Founder and Former President of Doblin Inc.

Innovation intent: building bold ecosystems in New Zealand.

Speaker Series - Yossi Feinberg - mailchimp banner_edited.jpg

Yossi Feinberg: The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management & Professor of Economics Stanford Graduate School of Business

Digital innovation and disruption.


Amy Wilkinson: Lecturer in Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Beyond disruption, entreprenurial leadership.


Robert Burgelman: The Edmund W. Littlefield, Professor of Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business  

Strategic leadership of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation. 


Baba Shiv: The Sanwa Bank, Limited and Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Customer Experience (Cx) Design.

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