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Te Hono Leaders' Summit

Expanding connections in New Zealand's food and fibre sector


Te Hono gathers sector leaders within New Zealand for a deep dive into a programme supporting a redesign for a thriving New Zealand.   

Visionary global leaders join Chief Executives, leaning into the opportunities of technology, leadership and the consumer experience to illicit the strategic change required for our leading businesses to demand a market premium and become global exemplars. 

Te Hono Leaders’ Summits include a curated, small group of the sector’s top leaders. The discussions help influence the direction of further Te Hono leadership Bootcamp programmes, enabling our leading organisations to identify and implement the winds of change and stay ahead of the curve. 

A continued focus on driving value to the primary sector


Te Hono secures national and international speakers of the same calibre as those who facilitate our primary sector Bootcamp to lead deep discussion centred around themes pertinent to achieving the partnership's mission of transforming the primary sector from a volume to value model, in order to drive the prosperity of New Zealand.


Like Bootcamp, each forum is centred around a theme. Past themes include accelerating transformation, executing value-based transformational strategies, from why to how, and governance.


Past speakers have included Stanford faculty Dan Klein and Justin Ferrell, Intel's Genevieve Bell, Zenia Tata of XPRIZE, Daniel Flynn from Thank You, Simon Anholt (author of Good Country), Jason Mayden of Nike, Larry Keeley from Doblin, and Lisa Solomon of Singularity University.

Register your interest here. 

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